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Please help with annual review of Council Tax discount

Date Published: 08 October 2019
Rutland County Council

We're carrying out our annual review of residents who receive a 25% Single Person Discount (SPD) on their Council Tax and asking people to confirm any changes in their personal circumstances.

Adults can claim SPD when they are the sole occupant of the property they live in. Councils review the discount every year to keep records up-to-date, as well as reminding anyone who may not have reported a change in circumstances that would make them ineligible for SPD. 

Letters are being sent to people who are currently receiving the SPD in Rutland over the next few months, asking them to confirm their details. If you receive a letter, you must respond before the date given on the letter even if your details have not changed.

If you receive a letter and do not respond, your discount may be withdrawn while checks are carried out to confirm your status.

“The Single Person Discount allows us to support people who are living alone and make sure they’re not overburdened by Council Tax commitments. Circumstances often change over time and, when they do, we need people to let us know if they become ineligible for SPD. This is so we’re collecting the right amount of Council Tax – without which we cannot fund important local services, like social care for adults and children. This is particularly important here in Rutland where government funding for local services has been cut by £4million since 2013. We'd like to thank residents for their help and cooperation while we carry out the review.”
Councillor Gordon Brown, Cabinet Member for Revenues and Benefits

For more information about Council Tax in Rutland, please see our Council Tax page.

For more information about Rutland County Council’s financial health, including a detailed budget FAQ, please see our Annual Budget page.

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