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New Agency Will Speed Up Adoption For Children In Care

Date Published: 04 June 2019
Adoption East Midlands

A new adoption agency will offer children in care the stability and security they need to achieve their potential.

The launch of the Regional Adoption Agency (RAA), part of Adoption East Midlands, will transform the lives of children and their adoptive families.

Every year the RAA will be looking for families for approximately 160 children.

The Government’s vision behind the regionalisation of adoption services is to ensure those children, for whom adoption is the right path, are given the best chance of finding a loving and stable family as quickly as possible. 

Incorporating Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Council, Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council, the Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) will work collaboratively across the East Midlands to encourage more people to become adopters, which in turn leads to markedly improving the life chances of children in care.

As well as the RAA, Adoption East Midlands comprises a regional partnership incorporating Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council, Lincolnshire County Council and Rutland County Council and two voluntary adoption agencies, CORAM East Midlands and Faith in Families.

“We want every child to be in the loving, stable home that's right for them, and adoption can transform the lives of these vulnerable children - and their adoptive families - in a remarkable way. By coming together and joining forces through the work of RAAs, councils can use the network to match children with the right families much more quickly. RAAs will be the platform on which a modernised adoption service is built; providing better support to adopters and to meet the needs of children waiting for adoption.”
Shelagh Mitchell, Group Manager Adoption East Midlands

A key aim of the RAA is to encourage more people who express an interest in adoption to attend information events and hear from people who have already gone through the process.

“We need to celebrate adoption success stories and show at first-hand how loving families change the lives of children in care. We will also give people expressing an interest in adoption the information they need to make a life-changing decision. This will include dispelling a number of myths surrounding the adoption process and challenging unhelpful perceptions. Although we have priority needs in different regions, our message is clear, we welcome anyone who has interest in adopting children and who wants to make a difference to children’s lives.”
Shelagh Mitchell

Across the East Midlands adopters are needed for sibling groups of two or three children, children with additional needs, children from a BME background and school age children.

“Adoption is a lifelong commitment to provide a caring family for a child or children currently being looked after by the Council. When you adopt a child, you take on all the responsibilities and rights of a birth parent, and can have a hugely positive impact on their life. By working closely together, the local authorities and organisations involved in Adoption East Midlands aim to find the best matches for children across the region, and provide the safe and caring homes that they need.”
David Wilby, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People

Hear from children and young people who have been adopted, as well as from parents who have started or grown their families by adopting, by visiting the Adoption East Midlands website

Adoption services in Rutland are provided by Lincolnshire County Council.

To find out more about adoption, visit the Adoption East Midlands website or come along to an information event and have a chat about how adoption could create the family you’ve always wanted.

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