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Inspection Rates Rutland Care Service as ‘Good’ in all Areas

Date Published: 13 March 2019
REACH team

A scheduled inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated Rutland’s REACH service as being ‘Good’ in all areas.

REACH (Rutland Enablement, Assessment, Crisis Response and Hospital discharge) supports elderly and disabled people in their own homes – helping them to regain their health and confidence after a serious illness or injury. By providing care in this way, REACH helps people in Rutland to maintain their independence for as long as their health allows, while also reducing unnecessary admissions to hospital or permanent residential care.

The CQC reviewed Rutland’s REACH and reablement service in December 2018 to make sure it is meeting the required standards and providing a good level of care.

Inspectors carried out a review to assess whether the service is safe, effective, caring and responsible. This included speaking directly to service users, family members, care staff, managers and other integrated services.

Having completed its assessment, the CQC has now published a full report which rates REACH as ‘Good’ in all areas. Feedback from inspectors included:

  • People using REACH are safe and protected from avoidable harm 
  • People were treated to an outstanding experience of caring and leadership from the service 
  • All people spoke with said they were treated with kindness and compassion
  • People were at the centre of the service and were consulted regularly for their experiences
  • There was continuing respect of dignity and privacy observed during the inspection 
  • One person said: "I would like to thank the team for their care and kindness."
  • Another person said: "With deep gratitude I want to thank you all for your support."
  • People's care, treatment and support achieved good outcomes and promoted a good quality of life
  • People's outcomes are consistently good, and people's feedback confirmed this
  • Service users are respected and valued as individuals
  • People's needs are met through good organisation and delivery
  • The service is consistently managed and well-led
  • Service leaders and the culture they have created promote high-quality, person-centred care 

“Making sure that vulnerable people receive care and support when they need it is the most important job we do. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible standard of care and it’s fantastic to see this reflected in such a positive report from the CQC. It’s reassuring for people living in Rutland to know that we have some of the best adult social care services in the country and I would like to thank all our care staff for their hard work and dedication.”
Alan Walters, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health

“All our staff work incredibly hard to make sure people get the help and support that they need. People often come to us following really difficult experiences and many of them are left shaken by an injury or a bad illness. Everyone is different so we always try to provide care that’s unique to the individual, based on what it is they need. A lot of what we do is about restoring people’s confidence and giving them reassurance, so they feel able to go back to living their normal lives. It’s really rewarding to see people recover and get their spark back. That’s why we do what we do.”
Kelly James, Reablement Registered Manager

Peggy’s Story


Peggy was referred to the Council’s Reablement team following a fall at home. It was thought that Peggy had broken her left hand but the REACH team was able to make sure she could be treated at home – where she wanted to be – avoiding an unnecessary stay in hospital. 

Before her fall, Peggy was very independent but needed help with washing, dressing and preparing meals while her hand healed. With short-term assistance from reablement support workers, a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist, Peggy was soon able to regain her independence and get back to her normal routine. 

An occupational therapist provided special equipment so that Peggy could move around her kitchen with ease and dress without needing to bend, preserving her independence at home. 

A physiotherapist practiced mobility with Peggy to help her regain her confidence following the fall, providing a resting splint and exercises to strengthen her wrist. Peggy was also put in contact with a special Falls Clinic for further support.

Peggy was very keen to get back to her normal routine and re-join friends at her favourite community groups, which she could not do due to her injury. With help from the REACH team, she was able to recover quickly at home, avoiding a stressful and potentially debilitating stay in hospital.

“The reablement team have been so helpful and I’m very grateful. They visited me every morning and every evening after my accident and I couldn’t have managed without them. I’m grateful to the hospital for everything they did but I was so glad to get home.”

The CQC’s full inspection report for Rutland County Council’s REACH service can be read on the CQC website

If you're concerned about the safety and welfare of an adult in Rutland you should contact Rutland County Council straight away by calling: 01572 758 341 or going to our Adult Social Care page.

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