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Increasing Efforts to Stop Dangerous Parking

Date Published: 08 October 2019
Dangerous Parking

We're taking steps to discourage illegal parking on pedestrian crossings, at bus stops and in ‘keep clear’ areas outside schools by using special powers to penalise offenders who drive away.

As part of increased efforts to tackle dangerous parking in areas where pedestrians and public transport are given priority for safety reasons, the Council will begin using “Regulation 10” parking penalties which can be issued by post to the owner of a vehicle that is parked illegally but then driven away before a standard Penalty Charge Notice can be handed out by enforcement officers.

“We manage parking throughout both our towns but our main priority is to discourage illegal parking in certain areas that can put people’s safety at risk. Parking in ‘no stop’ or ‘keep clear’ zones, like those outside schools or leading up to zebra crossings, isn’t just against the law, it’s also dangerous. The reaction of offenders who park in these areas can be to drive away when they’re approached by our parking officers, only to repeat the same offence again and again. We have to put the safety of pedestrians and lawful road users first and will shortly begin issuing penalty notices by post to drivers who park dangerously but then refuse to accept a fine. These measures will be used to deter the small number of irresponsible drivers who put others at risk by parking dangerously. We have to use whatever powers we have at our disposal to keep people safe on the roads.”
Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Transport

For more information about Parking Services in Rutland please visit our Parking page

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