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Feedback Leads to Parking Improvements

Date Published: 08 March 2019
Westgate Car Park

Rutland County Council will make improvements to parking in Uppingham and Oakham in response to feedback and suggestions gathered from Town Councils.

The Council recently held its yearly consultation on fees and charges, including those that apply to parking. The consultation asked for comments and suggestions from Town and Parish Councils, residents, businesses and community groups.

After carefully reviewing all of the feedback received, Rutland County Council has now approved a number of changes designed to improve parking in both our market towns. The changes will be introduced in early April and include:

  • Free 30-minute parking in all public car parks
  • A simpler pricing system based on one, two, three and six hour parking stays
  • Transferable pay and display ticketing, meaning time left on a ticket purchased in Uppingham can be used in any public car park in Oakham, and vice versa 
  • Replacing existing Monday to Friday and Monday to Saturday season tickets will a single ‘Weekly’ season ticket
  • Rutland County Council to absorb the 20p processing fee currently charged when paying for parking with your phone 

“We know how important parking is for people living and working in Oakham and Uppingham, as well as for anyone visiting the towns. We’ve looked closely at issues around parking and are now acting on feedback from local groups who’ve suggested where changes could be made for the better. We want to support businesses, shoppers, residents and visitors so that everyone can get the best form our market towns. In turn, we hope the improvements will help Town Councils with their own long-term plans.”
Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Transport

In addition to changes that apply to both of Rutland’s market towns, Rutland County Council has also responded to concerns raised by residents and Town Councillors in Uppingham by trialling the introduction of new parking restrictions and road markings on Springback Way.

The restrictions are intended to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow and will be trialled from March onwards. The Council will monitor the effectiveness of the new measures and consult again before deciding whether to make them permanent.

In Oakham, following feedback from Oakham Task and Finish Group, the Council plans to create an additional 40 parking spaces at Catmose Car Park. It will also trial the introduction of a small number of dedicated ‘Business Bays’ in Westgate Car Park – allowing businesses to purchase parking bays for use by their staff or customers. If successful, the Council will look at whether Business Bays could be used more widely, in other car parks, without reducing the availability of public parking.

“I am grateful to my colleague Cllr. Steve Rozak for bringing parking issues to the attention of Uppingham Town Council. The new parking improvements will benefit residents and visitors to the town and this in turn will support our high street and businesses. We are grateful to Rutland Council for acting so swiftly in response to our request.”
Miranda Jones, Uppingham Town Mayor  

“These positive approaches adopted by Rutland County Council are most welcome and on behalf of the Town Councillors I would like to thank the County Council as this development will help both Town Centre Business Communities.”
Councillor Adam Lowe, Chairman of Oakham Town Council 

Further details of proposals put forward as part of Rutland County Council’s latest review of fees and charges can be read in report number Report No: 6/2019, discussed at Full Council on Monday 25 February 2019

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