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Council To Consider New Vision For Local Transport Services

Date Published: 31 July 2019
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Rutland County Council is to consider new proposals intended to help guide the way in which important local transport services are delivered over the next 20 years.

‘Moving Rutland Forward’ (MRF) is the County’s fourth Local Transport Plan and sets out a long-term vision that will support the development of new Council-led, resident-focused transport policies around bus travel, driving, cycling and walking.

The Plan is set to run until to 2036 and is intended to be a ‘living document’, meaning it remains flexible and can continue to be adapted. Other individual policies will be developed around specific transport issues, requiring input from local residents and service users.

Having been reviewed and approved by Cabinet in July, MRF will now be discussed at a future Full Council meeting. If approved by Full Council, work can begin towards achieving the three key aims of the Plan, which include:

  • Supporting a high level of health and wellbeing, including combating rural isolation
  • Ensuring the transport needs of Rutland’s most vulnerable residents can continue to be met
  • Supporting Rutland’s growing population and local economy

“When we talk about local transport we don’t just mean bus services; we mean car use, cycling and walking, all of which need to be carefully considered and work together as part of a long-term plan for the County. An effective transport network is key to supporting education, employment, tourism and access to healthcare in rural areas. Our Local Transport Plan sets a direction of travel for how to achieve this in the face of some significant challenges.”
Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Transport at Rutland County Council

Moving Rutland Forward has been in development since 2016 and underwent an in-depth consultation process last year, involving local residents, organisations, businesses and Parish Councils.

“The consultation that took place around Moving Rutland Forward found that there is support among residents for our three key aims. However, further work is still needed to develop the individual policies that will help to bring about changes – MRF provides the vital background work for this. If approved by Full Council, the Plan will also become an important tool to support bids for funding that can be used to develop Rutland’s local transport services.”
Councillor Lucy Stephenson

Moving Rutland Forward is accompanied by a number of supporting documents including an Implementation Plan covering the first five years, setting out actions such as:

  • Developing a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan
  • Working with local businesses to develop site travel plans for business and industrial sites
  • A new road safety strategy
  • Identifying grant funding opportunities
  • Investigating additional concessionary travel privileges for residents with disabilities or special educational needs
  • Working to promote car sharing and other sustainable modes of travel

Rutland’s full Local Transport Plan and associated supporting documents, including a consultation summary and report no: 99/2019 presented at Cabinet on Tuesday 16 July, can be read online.

Rutland’s next Full Council meeting is scheduled to take place on Monday 9 September 2019.

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