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St George's Housing Numbers Reduced

Date Published: 08 November 2018
St George's November 2018

Proposed housing numbers for the possible future redevelopment of St George’s Barracks in North Luffenham have been reduced further as plans for the site continue to evolve.

St George’s Barracks has been identified for intended disposal by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) as part of the November 2016 Better Defence Estate announcement.

As a government-owned brownfield site, the MOD is clear that it will bring St George’s Barracks forward for development as part of its plans to create a military estate that is more suitable for a modern armed forces and to free up land that can be used for housing.

The MOD has agreed to ensure St George’s Barracks is redeveloped in a way that takes account of existing communities, local needs and the environment, and is working with Rutland County Council and local communities to achieve this.

“St George’s Barracks is one of a number of surplus sites that the MOD has announced it plans to release through its Defence Estate Optimisation Programme. When sites are no longer needed by the military, the MOD seeks to work in partnership with local authorities, like Rutland County Council, so that when they are disposed of, they not only generate money that can be re-invested back into Defence, but also provide opportunities for local communities, including land for new homes. As a result we have been working closely with the Council to bring forward St George’s Barracks for redevelopment and to ensure the best possible future use of the site.”
Robert Stone, Head of Estates at the Defence Infrastructure Organisation

Plans for the 300-hectare St George’s site, located between North Luffenham and Edith Weston, are continuing to be developed following informal public consultation in spring 2018.

Based on feedback received through the consultation, a series of 40 recommendations for the redevelopment of St George’s were published in September and included a commitment to reduce housing numbers from between 1,500-3,500 (first put forward in spring 2018) to somewhere between 1,500-2,700.

This figure has now been revised further and an updated plan for site produced with provisions for 2,215 homes – a reduction of more than a third from the upper limit originally put forward for discussion – along with business zones and 60% green space.

This figure of 2,215 houses will be used as the basis for the Evolving Masterplan going forward.

Other recommendations to be incorporated into latest version of the Evolving Masterplan following public consultation include: 

  • Larger buffer zones and more green space between the proposed development and existing communities
  • A dedicated commercial access route for the proposed St George’s business zone, keeping commercial traffic away from residential areas
  • Relocating the proposed Local Centre with shops conveniences to the middle of the development 
  • A proposed park and ‘cycle ride’ area for visitor parking to both Rutland Water and a new country park 

The MOD and Rutland County Council confirmed last month that they would shortly be submitting a joint bid for national Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) funding to improve local infrastructure and public services around St George’s.

Two further bids for Growth and Enterprise funding, to support the development of business zones at St George’s, and Garden Communities Funding, to help with stewardship and community infrastructure costs, are also being prepared.

“These latest housing numbers for St George’s represent a big reduction to what was originally discussed when the very first high-level masterplan was published in spring. The MOD are listening to local people and this feedback is being reflected in the plans for St George’s, as they continue to evolve.”
Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council

For more information St George’s Barracks, including the full list of recommendations produced following public consultation, visit the St George's website.

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