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St George's Barracks Consultation Feedback

Date Published: 26 July 2018
St George's high-level plan 2050

Rutland County Council and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) have published feedback received as a result of initial consultation on the future of St George’s Barracks.

Informal public consultation around high-level plans for St George’s Barracks, which set out a possible vision for the future use of the 300-hectare brownfield site after the army is due to leave in 2020/21, took place over six weeks from May to June 2018.

All replies to the consultation have now been published, with a total of 624 official responses captured through 10 public events, an exhibition, an online survey and printed questionnaires.

Together with letters, emails and responses to several community-led surveys, the feedback gathered from individual residents, groups and other interested bodies will now be used to inform the preparation of more detailed proposals for the St George’s site.

“I would like to thank all those who took the time to share their views on draft proposals for the redevelopment of St George’s Barracks. Having reviewed the responses with the MOD, it’s clear that ensuring this site is developed in the right way is hugely important to the people of Rutland, as it is for us. The feedback we’ve received will be critical as we begin to plan the next stage of this important project. The responses will be used to help shape a more detailed set of plans for St George’s, which will be put to residents again in the autumn. Your views are also being incorporated into Rutland’s new Draft Local Plan, the purpose of which is to protect Rutland’s unique character while guiding future sustainable growth and development in our county. A separate consultation on the latest version of the Draft Local Plan is due to get underway in August.” 
Council Leader Oliver Hemsley

A number of key themes have emerged when reviewing the findings of the informal consultation on St George’s Barracks. They include:

The size and scale of the development
Although there is a strong recognition from many respondents that the county does need growth, there was a widespread concern for the number of houses that were proposed for the development, particularly for the impact on surrounding villages and a steer that any development should be in keeping with local/rural character. 

The importance of infrastructure
Respondents want to ensure that there is a good investment in infrastructure and public services, including improvements to roads and junctions.

Employment and job creation
There was strong recognition that the development needed to bring about realistic employment opportunities and business growth, and greater detail was needed on the proposed business zone.

Local transport provision
Transport issues included improvements to local bus routes, suggestions that there should be a railway station, improved cycle routes and provisions for electric cars. Parking, particularly at Rutland Water, was also flagged as a concern.

Feedback on the environment fell under two key themes: the first focusing on the need to carefully manage any mineral extraction from the land, and the second raising concern for wildlife and preservation of our countryside.

Health and education
The need for new schools and health facilities featured strongly in responses, including recommendations for both a primary and secondary school and health to include a local GP, dentist and opticians.

Tourism and leisure
There were concerns about the impact of the development on the County’s tourism offer, and recommendations that we should enhance our offer with the development of a hotel and golf course. Some respondents suggested inter-generational and multi-cultural activities be investigated, to bring communities together.

“We are clear about the need to involve local people and communities in shaping the future of St George’s Barracks. This is why we have sought to consult at the earliest possible stage and why we have made every single consultation response available for public viewing. We share many of the concerns expressed throughout the consultation, not least the need to ensure any future development is in keeping with Rutland’s unique and special character, and supported by all the necessary infrastructure improvements. Revised proposals for St George’s will reflect what we have heard and residents will continue to be involved throughout.”
Council Leader Oliver Hemsley

View all official responses submitted as part of the St George’s Consultation, along with a summary of the feedback received, on the St George's Rutland website.

Further information about Rutland’s Draft Local Plan and the Local Plan review process can also be found on the Local Plan section of our website.

Following discussions led by MP for Rutland and Melton Sir Alan Duncan between the MOD, Rutland County Council and Parish Councils, an Advisory Group has been established as part of the redevelopment of St George’s. The group is made up of representatives from the MOD, the Council and interested parties from the wider community of Rutland. It met for the first time on 23 July to set terms of reference and is tasked with identifying issues and concerns during the planning and development process. It will also serve as a voice of the community throughout the redevelopment.

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