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Share Your Views on Rutland's Draft Local Plan

Date Published: 13 August 2018
Rutland Local Plan

Public consultation on specific aspects of Rutland’s latest Draft Local Plan takes place from 13 August 2018 for a period of six weeks.

Local Planning Authorities like Rutland County Council must have an up-to-date Local Plan which sets out planning policies and guides development in their area.    

Rutland’s existing Local Plan is currently being reviewed because it is due to expire in 2026. The new plan, once complete, will cover the period up to 2036.

As part of the process of reviewing Rutland’s Local Plan, Rutland County Council is consulting on the following documents:

  • focussed changes to the Local Plan resulting from the development potential of St George’s Barracks
  • additional Sites put forward for development since the Consultation Draft Local Plan 2017 

“The Local Plan has to be reviewed on a regular basis and continually updated as local housing and employment needs change. A major consultation has already taken place to look at the kind of development that might be possible on the St George’s site once the army leaves. In addition to this, the Council, as the Planning Authority, now needs to consider the development potential of St George’s Barracks and what this means for other development sites in our area. This is why we are consulting again – to look at the specific planning policies that are relevant to St George’s and make sure Rutland’s next Local Plan considers the barracks alongside other housing and employment sites.”
Councillor Gordon Brown, Portfolio Holder for Planning

Feedback is being invited on the specific issues within the Draft Local Plan, which is being made available for comment over a six-week period from 13 August to 24 September 2018. The document will consult on: 

  • relevant strategic objectives for the Local Plan
  • the spatial strategy and settlement hierarchy for the Local Plan
  • housing and employment requirements for the Local Plan
  • minerals and waste policies and proposals for the Local Plan
  • consideration of a specific policy for potential development at St George’s

Following consultation on these specific points, there will be a chance to comment on a full version of the Local Plan before it is submitted to the Secretary of State. This is expected to take place in early 2019.

“Including the St George’s site within Rutland’s Local Plan presents an opportunity to reduce the amount of housing development currently proposed in other parts of the County, enabling us to preserve the unique qualities and characteristics that are inherent to our communities. Work to reassess the suitability of all development sites listed in the Local Plan is still ongoing and recommendations will be included in the Pre-Submission version of the Plan, which will be consulted upon in early 2019.”
Councillor Gordon Brown

This Local Plan consultation will take place from 13 August to 24 September 2018, with information on display in local libraries, at the Council’s offices in Oakham.

Feedback can be submitted online by visiting our Local Plan Review page, by emailing: localplan@rutland.gov.uk or by writing to: The Planning Policy Manager, Rutland County Council, Council Offices, Catmose, Oakham, Rutland LE15 6HP.

For enquiries, email: localplan@rutland.gov.uk or call: 01572 722 577.

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