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Rutland Flyer 1 Bus Service

Date Published: 23 May 2018
Bus Station

Rutland County Council has approved additional funding for local transport in order to continue operating the Rutland Flyer 1 (RF1) bus service.

The RF1 service runs from Melton to Corby via Oakham and Uppingham and is one of Rutland’s busiest bus routes, with more than 120,000 passenger journeys last year.

On Tuesday 22 May Rutland County Council’s Cabinet approved potential expenditure of up to £220,000 required to continue operating RF1. This follows a decision by current operator Centrebus Ltd to cancel its existing contract to run the service.

As part of the Cabinet decision Councillors also challenged officers to explore further options for delivering the service in the most cost-effective way, before the final contract for RF1 is awarded.

“We recognise how important local transport services are for our residents and have committed to providing increased funding to continue running RF1. We also have a duty to manage our budget responsibly and ensure best possible value for public money, so as not to increase pressure on other local services. We have received a single bid to operate RF1 which is significantly greater than the amount of money currently set aside in our budget to run the service. We have approved potential expenditure to meet the increased costs but owe it to taxpayers to use the time available to rule out whether there is a more cost-effective way to deliver RF1, before finally awarding the contract.”
Councillor Nick Begy, Portfolio Holder for Transport 

The full report presented to Cabinet regarding Continuation of the Rutland Flyer 1 Bus Service can be viewed on our Meetings Page.

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