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RF1 Bus Service

Date Published: 19 April 2018
Bus travel

Rutland County Council has received notice from Centrebus Ltd indicating that the company intends to end its contract to operate the RF1 bus service in Rutland.

The notice period for local bus contracts is three months and the Council is already taking steps to commission a new provider to continue the service from the end of June 2018 onwards.

The RF1 service operates Monday to Saturday and runs from Melton to Corby via Oakham and Uppingham.

“Centrebus has made a commercial decision to cease operating the RF1 service from June 2018. We’re aware that a number of operators have been put under pressure by Northamptonshire’s decision to cancel 100% of its local bus subsidies and respect Centrebus’ decision. We are now working hard to secure a new operator and ensure continuation of the RF1 service. Rutland County Council has protected subsidies for local bus services for a number of years, in order that they remain commercially viable for operators. We are already talking with several other bus companies who have already expressed an interest in taking over the RF1 service and have begun the tendering process.”
Councillor Nick Begy, Portfolio Holder for Transport

For more information about local bus services please visit our Transport page.

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