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Lending a Hand With Conservation Project

Date Published: 04 January 2019
Pond conservation

Rutland County Council has been helping one of its communities to manage a conservation area in the centre of a local village.

Overgrown willow trees were impeding the water flow of South Luffenham community pond, causing it to become stagnant. Rutland County Council officers involved in forestry and environmental protection have worked with volunteers to help cutback and remove the willows.

“It’s not easy finding volunteers to help with local environment projects, people are either daunted by the physical work or have the demands of growing families and jobs to contend with. So it was brilliant to have members of the Council on hand to help manage the pond. It wasn’t easy work and involved a bit of climbing and lifting but the team stuck with it and the water quality has now vastly improved. This will be a great boost for the environment as well as making the pond look much nicer for visitors. We send huge thanks to Rutland County Council for helping us to achieve this giant step forward.”
Carolyn Welch, Chairman of PC Natural Environment Committee

With the willows now under control, plans can continue to introduce special plants into the pond, which will help to further oxygenate the water.

“Projects like this are a great way for people to give something back to the community while helping to protect and enhance the countryside which brings so much up enjoyment for so many people. Well done to everyone involved.”
Gordon Brown, Portfolio Holder for the Environment

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