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Keep Safe Places Offer Help and Support

Date Published: 20 December 2018

With shops and town centres expected to be busier than ever over the Christmas and New Year period, people are being reminded that dedicated Keep Safe Places can be found all around the Rutland.

Keep Safe Places offer people a place to go if they feel overwhelmed, vulnerable, scared or distressed.

Stickers can be seen at the front of Keep Safe Places, which include libraries and shops that have signed up to the scheme.

“Christmas is an extremely busy time and the large crowds can leave some people feeling overwhelmed, anxious or scared. Keep Safe Places can offer support to anyone who needs assistance, even if it’s just a somewhere quiet to sit down. Staff at Keep Safe Places can also contact friends or relatives if necessary – or the emergency services if needed. Knowing there’s somewhere to go to for assistance provides reassurance so if you have friends or family members who might benefit from knowing about the scheme, please let them know.”
Councillor Alan Walters, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety 

Keep Safe Places is a local partnership between local councils, the police, community partnerships and Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland.

Council offices, police stations and libraries also provide Keep Safe cards which can list the details of who to contact in case of an emergency, or medical information that may be needed.

To find your nearest Keep Safe Place or where to go to get a Keep Safe Card, look out for the window sticker or visit our Keep Safe Places page.

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