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Council Signs Charter to Protect Terminally Ill

Date Published: 30 April 2018
Dying to Work Signing

A campaign to provide employment support and protection to people who are terminally ill is being supported by Rutland County Council.

Rutland Leader Cllr Oliver Hemsley signed the ‘Dying to Work’ charter on Tuesday, which has the backing of other councils across the region.

The campaign, backed by the Trade Union Congress (TUC), started because some employers were using loopholes in the law dismiss people who are terminally ill.

In signing the charter, the council agrees to:

  • Recognise that terminal illness requires support and understanding and not additional and avoidable stress and worry
  • Terminally ill workers will be secure in the knowledge that they will be  supported following their diagnosis 
  • Recognise that safe and reasonable work can help maintain dignity, offer a valuable distraction and can be therapeutic in itself
  • Provide employees with the security of work, peace of mind and the right to choose the best course of action for themselves and their families, with dignity and without undue financial loss 

“Your job should be the least of your worries when you get a terminal diagnosis.  I’m delighted that Rutland Council have shown real leadership in this area, working with unions to guarantee fair treatment for terminally-ill workers. Over 600,000 workers are now covered by the Dying to Work charter across the country, and we expect more employers to commit in the coming months.”
Lee Barron, TUC Midlands Regional Secretary   

“Rutland prides itself on being a compassionate employer. We are delighted to work with the TUC on this which sets in stone our commitment to ensure that any member of staff who is terminally ill has support, security and peace of mind.”
Helen Briggs, Chief Executive of Rutland County Council

“Anyone who is diagnosed as being terminally ill deserves to have help and support from their employer and we are delighted to sign this charter.”
Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council

Learn more about the campaign and how you can show your support by visiting the Dying to Work website.

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