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Cabinet Approves Evolving Masterplan for St George's

Date Published: 18 December 2018
Evolving Masterplan - December 2018

Rutland County Council’s Cabinet has approved the latest version of the Evolving Masterplan for St George’s Barracks, together with the business case for a supporting bid to the national Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF). 

Both will now be recommended to Rutland County Council’s January 2019 Full Council meeting for approval.

“Having carefully reviewed what amounts to almost two years of work between the Ministry of Defence, the Council and Rutland communities, Cabinet has unanimously endorsed the latest version of the Evolving Masterplan for the St George’s site. When the MOD first signalled its intention to leave St George’s Barracks in 2016 it meant that detailed plans would be needed to help secure a long-term future for the site, knowing full well what is expected of the MOD by government when it comes to redeveloping any redundant sites. The latest version of the Evolving Masterplan is the product of this due process and more than 40 recommendations taken from public consultation have now been built into the proposals. In response, the MOD has identified that 2,215 is the optimal number of homes for the site, based on issues of financial viability and sustainability. Fewer homes would not command the level of investment needed to deliver improved infrastructure such as schools, transport, highways and community facilities, while doing nothing with site is not an option. The figure of 2,215 homes meets the MOD’s requirements as owners of the site while also ensuring the County receives the amount of investment it needs in its public services to be able to develop a new community that is right for Rutland.”
Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council

Also supported by Cabinet was the business case for the Council’s bid to the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF), which is based on the latest version of the Evolving Masterplan. 

Cabinet’s recommendation will to be put to Full Council on 21 January 2019.

“This is a critical juncture for the St George’s project and I am looking forward to hearing Full Council’s views on the Evolving Masterplan and HIF bid in January. Forming our partnership with Rutland County Council has enabled residents to engage with and inform the plans for the St George’s site from the outset. The site’s redevelopment will support Rutland to grow and thrive and we are keen to ensure that continues to happen with the involvement of the local community.” 
Robert Stone, Head of Estates at the Defence Infrastructure Organisation

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