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Updated Parking Charges Take Effect Next Month

Date Published: 23 June 2017
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Updated parking charges intended to simplify fees across all Council car parks in Rutland come into effect from Monday 3rd July 2017.

The changes were approved by Cabinet earlier this year and follow a thorough review of fees and charges for all Council services.

The new charges are based on a flat rate of 80p per hour in all car parks and will bring Uppingham in line with Oakham, making the cost of parking the same in both towns.

Where some fees have risen, this represents the first increase in parking charges in the County since 2013.

“The Council hasn’t reviewed charges across all its car parks for a number of years. This has led to inconsistencies and different pricing structures depending on which car park you use and whether you’re parking in Oakham or Uppingham. By introducing standard charges across all our car parks we’re creating a much simpler and fairer system. We also need to factor in rises in inflation, which haven’t been applied to parking charges in Rutland for four years.”
Dave Brown, Director for Places

From Monday 3rd July car park fees in Oakham and Uppingham will be updated and simplified with a new standard rate of 80p per hour.

Discount day tickets will cost £4. The cost of a weekly discount ticket will start from £15 and an annual season ticket will start at £432.

Annual residents’ parking permits will cost £40 in both Oakham and Uppingham.

Half-hour parking, weekly discount tickets and annual season tickets will all be available for the first time in Uppingham following the changes.

 Standardising charges will also allow the Council to relax parking rules and enable roving between car parks in Oakham and Uppingham. This means a single ticket is valid in any Council car park in Rutland for the duration it covers, although four hours will remain the maximum length of stay in short stay car parks.

Drivers can choose to pay for parking by coin at pay and display machines, by debit or credit card or using their mobile phone, although card payments via pay and display machines will be phased out over the next year.

Weekly tickets, one month, three month and half-year season tickets will also be available through the pay-by-mobile system.

People visiting Oakham can continue to park for free for up to an hour in Church Street Car Park as part of an incentive scheme introduced by the Council in April, to support the town centre while utility works are ongoing.

Anyone with questions about these changes can contact us by emailing: parkingmanagement@rutland.gov.uk

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