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Tigers Ready for their Move to Rutland

Date Published: 18 July 2017
Armed Forces

Rutland is preparing to welcome another regiment of the British Army, which will start to arrive in the county from the end of July.

The Second Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (2 PWRR), also known as The Tigers, are nearing the end of overseas operations in Cyprus and will soon relocate to Kendrew Barracks in Cottesmore, where they will be based for the next two years.

The move is expected to begin from 24th July, with 2 PWRR taking the place of 2 Royal Anglian (The Poachers), who are themselves moving to Cyprus.

One of the British Army’s foremost infantry units, 2 PWRR will spend their time in Rutland preparing for major exercises, followed by operations in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Lt Col James Skelton MBE, the Commanding Officer of 2 PWRR and says the Regiment is looking forward to making Rutland its new Home.

"The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment are a family regiment with strong ties to the South East of England, so we’re extremely pleased to be returning to the UK and particularly to Rutland.  The Tigers are a well-disciplined and highly professional unit, with a proud history that dates back to the earliest beginnings of the British Army. Whilst we have been in Cyprus, we’ve conducted operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Cyprus, and undertaken training across the globe, including the jungles of Belize, the Jordanian desert and the Falkland Islands. We are going to be exceptionally busy during our time in Rutland, so don’t be at all surprised if you spot us training in forests and ditches around the county. We’re also keen to play a positive and active role in the local community and very much look forward to calling Rutland ‘home’.”
Lt Col James Skelton MBE

Rutland County Council has been working closely with 2 PWRR for more than a year to prepare for the Regiment’s move from Cyprus, with extensive planning carried out to make sure everything is in place for Forces families before they arrive. 

This has included trips to Cyprus to liaise directly with the Regiment, as well as working closely with schools to arrange places for any new primary and secondary pupils. The Council has also worked closely with 2 PWRR to provide information and advice about local employment for families with adults who are looking to find jobs.

Helen Briggs, Chief Executive of Rutland County Council and one of the Council’s Armed Forces Champions, says that, having prepared at length for the move, the emphasis is now on welcoming 2 PWRR and making them feel at home.

“Rutland can be incredibly proud of its longstanding association with the British Armed Forces. Both St George’s Barracks and Kendrew Barracks form an important part of our local community and I have no doubt that residents will want to join us in welcoming The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment as they begin to arrive in Rutland. Council services have been working closely with local schools, healthcare providers and other partners to make sure this transition is as smooth and straightforward as possible. This has been helped in no small part by the Regiment themselves, who have already shown great enthusiasm for Rutland by taking part in our 20th anniversary celebrations earlier this year. Having prepared for what feels like a very long time, we’re extremely excited to finally be welcoming 2 PWRR to the county and look forward to having them here in Rutland for the next two years.”
Helen Briggs, Chief Executive

2 PWRR is one of the British Army’s most established combat regiments and will celebrate its 25th anniversary while based in Rutland. 

While in Rutland, 2 PWRR will also re-role to a Specialist Infantry Battalion, providing training and mentoring to armies overseas. The re-role will eventually mean a move to Aldershot in 2019, at which point 2 Royal Anglian will return to Kendrew Barracks.

Find out more about 2 PWRR and the support we provide to the local Armed Forces community on our Armed Forces page

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