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Rutland named best in England for Health and Social Care services

Date Published: 07 August 2017
Health and social care

Rutland has been named as the best performing local authority area in the country for the provision of social care services that help patients and reduce strain on the National Health Service.

This is according to new national rankings released by the Department for Health.

The Department for Health’s new Performance Dashboard for Health and Social Care looks at every local authority in England and measures how well they perform in key areas where health and social care work closest together. This includes emergency admissions to hospital, length of stay and whether people are delayed when ready to be discharged home.

Each local authority is assessed on their performance in six individual areas then given an overall ranking, which currently places Rutland number one out of a total of 152 local authority areas.

“The way that NHS health and Council social care services work together has a big impact on the quality of care and support we can provide to those who need it. It’s also crucial if we are to make sure the wider health service can continue to function effectively.  We’ve been working closely with NHS partners for some time to integrate local health and social care services so that people spend less time in hospital and are supported to carry on living at home as they get older. The improvements that have resulted from this integration are reflected in the Department for Health’s new national rankings and residents can take great pride and reassurance in knowing that Rutland has some of the best health and social care services anywhere in England.”
Councillor Richard Clifton, Portfolio Holder for Health and Social Care

One of the areas where Rutland performed best was the proportion of older people (65 and over) who are still at home 91 days after being discharge from hospital into the Council’s reablement or rehabilitation services.

One of these reablement services, REACH, supports elderly and disabled people when they are ready to be discharged from hospital and helps them to regain their confidence and independence back at home.

David Chappell, from Ryhall, received reablement support from the REACH Team following a fall in October 2016, helping him to return home and recover from his injuries. 

“I can’t praise the REACH Team enough for what they did for me,” said Mr Chappell.  “They gave me reassurance when I was sat in hospital thinking, ‘how am I going to cope at home?’. I didn’t want to be stuck there ‘bed-blocking’ and thought I’d be out driving my car again in a week or so. I just couldn’t do it. REACH build it back up for you and gave me the reassurance I needed. I didn’t even know it all existed before the fall but I actually felt like part of the team and can’t thank them enough for what they did for me.”
David Chappell, REACH service user

“We have a very close and constructive relationship with Rutland Social Care. This includes having a joint team of social care and health professionals, who work together to ensure patients leaving hospital have the support they need when they go home. This team share the same office and report to the same manager, which helps ensure patients get back home to a safe environment in the shortest possible time. We look forward to building on our collective success over the years to come, and are delighted that our work has resulted in better outcomes for people who use our services.”
Rachel Bilsborough, Director of Community Health Services for Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Local area performance metrics from the Department for Health’s Performance Dashboard for Health and Social Care can be viewed on the GOV.UK website.

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