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Agreement reached on Service 19 Bus

Date Published: 24 July 2017
Bus travel

An agreement has been reached between Rutland County Council and Centrebus regarding the Service 19 bus, following a recent announcement that the operator would be withdrawing part of the service between Oakham and Stamford.

Centrebus announced a number of changes to local bus services on 19 June 2017. This included a reduction to the Service 19 bus affecting passengers travelling to and from Rutland.

“Since being made aware of the changes to the Service 19 bus we have been working hard to assess exactly what impact they would have and then take appropriate action. After much discussion with the operator, we have now reached a position where most of the service between Oakham and Stamford that was to be withdrawn has been retained and will continue to operate.”
Councillor Tony Mathias, Portfolio Holder for Transport

From 14 August 2017, the Service 19 between Stamford and Oakham will be known as the 9a. This will comprise a commercial timetable, plus an early morning, late afternoon and Saturday service subsidised by the Council.

The revised timetable is intended to meet the needs of the majority passengers but does represent a slight reduction in service compared to what was provided previously. Service users are asked to take note of the revised timetable.

Changes will also be made to the Service 19 between Oakham and Melton, which will be known as the RF1 and will form a through service from Melton Mowbray to Corby.

Between Stamford and Peterborough the Service 19 will be known as the 9 and will continue to operate hourly between Stamford Bus Station and Peterborough, with a slightly revised timetable offering a similar level of service to that currently provided. 

A reduced service will operate between Melton and Nottingham.

“The changes that were announced to the 19 bus last month led to considerable anxiety among local people who use the service. Having explored all possible solutions, I hope that what we are now able to provide in Rutland will meet the needs of passengers and put residents’ minds at ease.”
Councillor Tony Mathias

Due to the changes that have been made, the Service 19 will no longer operate as a through service, meaning that passengers wanting to make onward journeys will need to change buses in the appropriate location in order to reach their destination.

Passengers with questions about the changes to the Service 19 bus can email: transport@rutland.gov.uk or telephone the Council on: 01572 722 577 and ask to speak to the Rural Transport Officer. 

Alternatively users can contact Centrebus directly by emailing: help@centrebus.com or telephoning: 0116 410 5050

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