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Help with applying

Here are some of the key points to make the most of your application:

  • Give yourself enough time before the closing date to complete your application form thoroughly
  • Your application should cover everything we will need to know about your skills, knowledge and previous experience
  • We cannot take into consideration any personal knowledge we may have of you, or any previous applications you may have made to work for us
  • Think about how you structure the information you provide – use the job requirements as a list to ensure you cover all of the elements of the role when completing section five of the form
  • Remember, we are looking to see if you can undertake the role; talk about what you were responsible for, rather than what the team did 
  • Complete the whole form, and explain any gaps in your work history
  • Make sure that you cover all of the elements outlined in the job requirements – this is what managers use to determine who to invite to an interview. Give details of how and when you have demonstrated these
  • Ask someone you trust to read it over before you submit it to us
  • Make sure you return your completed application form and personal details form to us before the closing date and time. If you send this to us via email you will receive a message confirming we have it
  • If you are completing a paper copy, please use black ink and you may find it helpful to keep a copy
  • If you are a candidate with a disability, please advise us of any adjustments that you would need if offered an interview to enable us to consider these. Please put these on your Personal Details form 

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Was this information helpful?