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Overview and Scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny in local government is an essential part of the Councillor’s role as a representative of the people. It involves Councillors holding Cabinet and committees to account, looking in-depth at how services are provided as well as reviewing and developing policies.

The main purposes of Scrutiny are to:

  • Develop policy
  • Hold the Cabinet (Executive) to account
  • Carry out investigations into specific issues
  • Carry out and service Best Value reviews etc.
  • Provide a means for consulting the community, service users, service providers and other interested parties
  • Act as expert witnesses on services
  • Scrutinise external bodies providing services to or affecting the community

Monitoring the performance of the Council’s services is another important part of this scrutiny role.

Scrutiny Panels

The Council will appoint  Scrutiny Panels to discharge the functions conferred by Section 21 of the Local Government Act 2000 or any regulations made under Section 32 of the Local Government Act 2000.

Scrutiny Panels will:

  • Review and/or scrutinise decisions made or actions taken in connection with the discharge of any of the Council’s functions;
  • Review, develop or propose policies in connection with the discharge of any of the Council's functions;
  • Make reports and/or recommendations to the full Council and/or the Cabinet and/or any policy, joint or Area Committee in connection with the discharge of any functions; 
  • Consider any matter affecting the area or its inhabitants; and
  • Exercise the right to call-in, for reconsideration, decisions made but not yet implemented by the Cabinet and/or any joint or Area Committees.

We have three Scrutiny Panels, listed below:

Membership, meetings dates, agenda’s and previous minutes for each Scrutiny Panel can be found by clicking on to the respective heading above.

Further details can be found in the Scrutiny Protocol on our Council Constitution page. 

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Was this information helpful?