Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan sets out a vision explaining what we hope to achieve for you over the next five years, between 2019 and 2024.

As well as a vision for the future, the Plan lists our priorities, strategic aims and objectives. We're also clear that we need to continue with careful financial planning, to help us achieve this.

Through the Corporate Plan, we are committed to achieving a high quality of life in vibrant communities, for everyone in Rutland. We plan to do this by:

  1. Delivering sustainable development
  2. Vibrant communities
  3. Protecting the vulnerable
  4. Customer-focussed services

Our aims

These are our strategic aims in more detail, explaining what we plan to do:

1. Delivering sustainable development

  • Develop a 50-year vision for Rutland by 31st March 2020
  • Support the delivery of high-quality employment opportunities
  • Commit to the development of a strategic plan for Oakham Enterprise Park
  • Provide homes that young families can afford
  • Improve broadband and mobile services
  • Make sure that development is supported by services, facilities and transport infrastructure
  • Adopt a sound Local Plan to deliver a minimum of 160 homes each year
  • Develop an Environmental Policy to meet Rutland’s needs and the challenge of climate change

2. Vibrant communities 

  • Protect, maintain, enhance and conserve what makes Rutland great
  • Improve access for children and young people to be engaged out of school
  • Explore new and improved cultural and leisure opportunities for Rutland
  • Make our roads safer
  • Work with partners to protect and enhance healthcare within our community
  • Provide an inclusive and high quality learning offer, and to support the expansion of our schools and learning to meet need

3. Protecting the vulnerable

  • Improve services that care for our children and protect them from risk and harm
  • Protect and improve the lives of vulnerable adults

4. Customer-focussed services

  • Develop and implement a new Customer Services Strategy
  • Develop customer responsive systems
  • Develop a sustainable Medium Term Financial Plan to support service delivery
  • Enhance digital access to services - Launch ‘MyAccount’ 

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