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How the Council works

  • About usInformation about the council and the local services in Rutland that we are responsible for.
  • Constitution of the CouncilThe Constitution sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which must be followed.
  • Overview and scrutinyCouncillors hold Cabinet and committees to account, review and develop policies and monitor the performance of the council's services.
  • Political composition of the CouncilRutland County Council is made up of 26 councillors who represent 16 wards. Find out more about the Council's political makeup.
  • Conduct committeeThe Conduct Committee is responsible for the promotion and maintenance of high standards of conduct within the Council and Parish Councils.
  • Key plans, policies and strategiesKey plans, policies and strategies
  • Peer Challenge 2019Information about the Council's 2019 Peer Challenge, including the feedback report.