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Public questions and speaking at meetings

Have you something to say about the way your local services are run or perhaps an idea or information you would like to pass on to your elected Councillors?

You are welcome to come along to meetings to tell us what you think.

You can also speak in support of or against a planning application at Planning Committee meetings.

If you want to attend, or speak about an item at a council, committee or scrutiny panel meeting, present a petition or ask a question at a meeting please see the leaflet How to Have Your Say at a Council Meeting.

Further information and advice can also be provided by contacting the Governance Team at governance@rutland.gov.uk

Recording Council Meetings

The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 came into force on 6th August 2014. These regulations allow any member of the public who wishes to film, audio-record, take photographs and use social media such as tweeting and blogging, to report the proceedings of any meeting that is open to the public.
Rutland County Council is committed to being open and transparent in the way it conducts its main decision-making meetings and has therefore developed a protocol to assist its citizens in this activity. Further information is available in our Protocol on the use of recording, photography and the use of social media at public meetings of the council.

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Was this information helpful?
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