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Rutland Older People's Accommodation Market Position Statement

Older People's Accommodation Market Position Statement


The consultation for the Older People's Accommodation Market Position Statement is now closed. We will consider all comments and incorporate these into a final draft version of the statement.

It is envisaged that a report will be published late summer 2018 including a final draft of the Older Peoples Accommodation Market Position Statement for adoption.

Summary information on the consultation document is included below.

Older Peoples Accommodation MPS 2018

The Market Position Statement sets out the Council’s understanding of the current market and potential future issues and opportunities around older people’s accommodation in Rutland. It is intended as an introduction to future discussions between the Council and current and potential providers.  It is also intended that this will assist providers to think about their current business models and how they may need to adapt to meet future requirements for Rutland.

It is designed as a starting point for those with a stake in improving housing outcomes for older people in Rutland. It should encourage the sharing of resources so that ideas and innovation to help deliver new and refreshed housing choices for older people can develop.

The MPS should help to guide future investment and action planning to ensure that all of Rutland’s older communities gain the health and wellbeing benefits from better housing choices. The Council’s ambition is that the MPS will be a catalyst for activity to:

  • Help shape both the current and future market- by increasing the supply of specialist housing for older people.
  • Help shape the independent living offer- in particular to meet a growing demand for support to enable older people to remain living in a home of their own.
  • Assist people to make earlier choices - too often people make housing choices at the point of crisis choosing to move to more suitable housing earlier can help prevent the crisis from occurring.

The MPS may be subject to change dependent on the refreshed local plan.

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Was this information helpful?