Scheduled Elections

Parish Council Elections

The election of town and parish councillors is held once every four years on the first Thursday in May.  The next scheduled election for parish councils will take place in May 2023. 

County Council Elections

The election of councillors to serve on the Rutland County Council is held every fourth year on the first Thursday in May, the last full election of County councillors being in 2019.  The next election will be on May 2023.

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for holding the Chief Constable and police force to account on the public's behalf, overseeing how crime is tackled in their area and aim to make sure the police are providing a good service.  The election of the Police and Crime Commissioner is held every fourth year, the last election being 5 May 2016, with the next election due in 2020.

Parliamentary General Elections

Parliamentary elections are held in response to Her Majesty the Queen dissolving Parliament and issuing a Writ to hold an election.  The maximum term of office of a Government is five years.  The last Parliamentary General Election was held on 12th December 2019. The next Parliamentary General Election will now be held on the first Thursday in May 2024. 

European Parliamentary Elections

European Parliamentary elections are held every five years on a date determined by the council of the European communities and takes place throughout Europe between Thursday and the following Sunday of the specified week.  The reason being that traditionally Member States vote on different days of the week, e.g. United Kingdom votes on Thursdays, Italy votes on Sundays.  Elections were last held on 23 May 2019.  Rutland is part of the East Midlands Region which is represented by five members of the European Parliament (MEP’s). 

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Was this information helpful?