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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

A Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is an elected official in England and Wales charged with securing efficient and effective policing of a police area.

Commissioners replaced the now-abolished police authorities.

An election to appoint a PCC for Leicestershire and Rutland took place on Thursday 5th May 2016. Willy Bach (Labour) was elected with 78,188 votes.  

The next Police and Crime Commissioner election will take place on Thursday 6th May 2021.

Useful Information

You may find the following information useful in the run-up to the election.

Registering to vote

We must receive new applications to register to vote by midnight on Tuesday 21st April 2020 to be eligible to vote in the election.

Please note that if you are moving house, even within the county you must complete a new application form at the new property.

Postal and Proxy voting

Application forms for postal and proxy votes can be downloaded from the Electoral Commission website or from our main customer service desk. 

Applications for postal votes (and Postal Proxy) must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 22nd April 2020.  

Please note that an individual must have applied for and had a proxy successfully appointed before their proxy can apply to vote by post.  

The postal vote deadline will apply to the proxy making a request to vote by post.  An application form for a proxy to vote by post can be found in the downloads section on the right. 

An elector wishing to cancel an existing postal vote or change to a proxy vote must do so by 5pm on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 or they will not be able to vote at a polling station.

Applications for Proxy Votes must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 29th April 2020.

The first run of postal votes will be going out on or around 17th April.

Applications for postal votes submitted on or after 5pm on 8th April will not be sent out until 28th April 2020. 

Replacements for lost, damaged or stolen postal votes can only be issued from 1st May 2020.  

If you have not received you postal vote by this time please contact us

If your postal pack has been damaged you will need to return this when collecting the replacement.  

Please note that you will be required to provide proof of identity when collecting a replacement postal vote. 

Poll Cards

Poll Cards are due to be dispatched directly from our printer on or around Wednesday 31 March 2020.

If you apply to register after the 23rd March 2020 your poll card will not be sent until after the application deadline for new registrations on 21st April 2020.

Polling stations

Full details of polling stations throughout Rutland and where to go to vote can be found on our Polling Stations page.

Further details for voters can be found on the Electoral Commission Website.

Candidate details

Details about the candidates standing for election and their manifestos will be available on the national candidates' website on 17th April 2020 once the full list of valid candidates is known.

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Was this information helpful?
Was this information helpful?