Parish and Town Council Elections

Parish and Town Council elections are due to take place in Rutland on Thursday 2 May 2019.

You can read further information about parish councils and being a Parish Councillor in the following publications:


Election notices contain important information such as the date and time of the election, which areas are being contested and where candidates have been elected unopposed.

When is the election?

Local elections for councillors to serve on Parish and Town Councils are due to take place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

This is confirmed in the Notice of Election, which also contains details of important dates, such as the deadline for registering to vote. 

Where these elections are contested, polls will open at 7.00am and close at 10.00pm.

View the Notice of Election 

Is there an election in your area?

All registered voters will receive a polling card in the run up to the election, confirming your details. However, you will only be required to vote if there is a contested election in your area.

Elections are contested when there are more candidates standing for election than seats available.

There are only three contested Town and Parish Council elections taking place this year. They are:  

  • Oakham South Ward of Oakham Town Council
  • Uppingham Town Council
  • Wing Parish Council 

The Statement of Persons Nominated confirms who is standing for election in contested Parish Wards. 

View the Statements of Persons Nominated

All other Parish Wards are uncontested, meaning there will be no Parish Council votes held in these areas. 

Details of who has been elected unopposed can be found in the Result of Uncontested Elections notice.

Results of Uncontested Elections

The Declarations of Result for contested elections can be found below:

Declaration of Result: Wing Parish

Declaration of Result: Uppingham Parish

Declaration of Result: Oakham South Parish

Where to vote

If there is a contested Parish or County Council election where you live, who can check where you’re local Polling Station is located on the Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations.

This information is also shown on you Polling Card.

Notice of Poll & Situation of Polling Stations

Election timetable

The local government election timetable for the 2nd May shows key dates including the deadline when nominations can be accepted, the last date for registration application and absent vote applications.  

Further details on electoral events are contained on the Information for Candidates and Agents page.

Polling Stations

Full details of polling stations throughout Rutland are listed on our polling stations page.

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Was this information helpful?