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Polling Arrangements following Boundary Review

The final recommendations of the LGBCE review have meant a number of changes to Ward boundaries which will effect where some electors will need to vote at for the elections in May and afterwards.

A summary of these changes is shown below:

Barleythorpe Road Ward Parish of Oakham Town Council

New parish ward of Oakham Town Council formed from Huntsmans Drive, Prince George Avenue, Ellingworth Close, Edwards Way, Mallard Court and College Close previously of Oakham North West.  This Parish Ward of OTC will be part of the Barleythorpe Ward.

Braunston and Martinsthorpe Ward

New ward made up of two pre-existing wards (Braunston & Belton Ward and Martinsthorpe Ward).  All polling stations remain the same but electors will now vote for two councillors.

Cottesmore Ward

Loses the parish of Teigh to Whissendine Ward.  All other electors in the Cottesmore Ward will retain their current polling places, polling districts and vote at the existing polling stations.

Oakham North East Ward

Oakham North East will take on electors from the Ladywell Estate (previously in Oakham South East Ward).  The polling station for the whole Ward will remain as the All Saints Church Hall in Church Street, Oakham.  

Oakham North West Ward

Electors from Willoughby Gardens, Graffham Drive, Braunston Road from the junction with Derwent Drive to West Road/Braunston Road (even numbers) moved from the Oakham South West Ward into this ward.   Electors from Huntsmans Drive, Prince George Avenue, Mallard Court and College Close will move out of the ward into Barleythorpe Ward (but as a Parish this area will become the Barleythorpe Road Parish of Oakham Town Council).

The polling place for the Ward becomes the Scout/Guide Hut on Grampian way with the polling station initially identified as the Scout Hut.  By making the polling place the Scout/Guide Hut it gives flexibility to use the guide Hut if the Scout Hut is not available.

Oakham South Ward

New ward formed from the previous wards of Oakham South West and Oakham South East.  Oakham South is the revised polling district, the new polling place will be the Council Buildings on Catmos Street and the revised polling station will be the Oakham Library.  

Whissendine Ward

The parish of Teigh moves into this ward.  Teigh’s polling district will remain as Teigh but electors will now vote in The Memorial Hall, Whissendine along with the electors from the rest of the ward.

You can find out further details about the newly created wards and the number of councillors at the linked page, and details for both ward and parishes here. 

In addition to the changes necessitated by the LGBCE boundary review, there is a change for electors in the polling districts of Stretton and Thistleton who will now have a new polling place and polling station.  This is due to the previous venue, a private residence, no longer being available for future use.  The new polling place and polling station for both polling districts will be the Jackson Stops Public House in Stretton.  

Further details about polling stations throughout the county can be found on the polling station page, along with full postal addresses for each station.

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