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National data opt-out

The national data opt-out is a service that allows our service users to opt out of their confidential health records being used for research and planning purposes.

Your personal health records contain a type of data called confidential patient information. This data can be used to help with research and planning.

Confidential patient information is when 2 types of information from your health records are joined together.

The 2 types of information are:

  • something that can identify you
  • something about your health care or treatment

or example, your name joined with what medicine you take.

Identifiable information on its own is used by health and care services to contact patients and this is not confidential patient information.

You can choose to stop your confidential patient information being used for research and planning. You can also make a choice for someone else like your children under the age of 13.

Make your choice

Your registration to opt-out is processed nationally via the NHS. 

To make or amend your choice you will need to do so via the NHS web page, by post or over the phone:

Further details regarding the National data opt-out

Privacy Notice

 Read our privacy notice to find out how your data is used to apply your choice.  

Make a complaint

You have the right to raise a concern with the ICO at any time: 

Information Commissioner's Office