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Share your views on 12 key issues that will shape Rutland’s new Local Plan

Date Published: 30 June 2022
Local Plan launch

Rutland County Council has launched an Issues and Options consultation as part of the process to prepare a new Local Plan for the County. 

Every Planning Authority must have a Local Plan that sets out what can be built and where building should take place over a period of at least 15 years. Local Plans hold important policies to support environmental protection, jobs and the economy. They also help to decide where investment is needed for infrastructure like roads, schools and health services.

The Issues and Options consultation is an important part of the Local Plan process. It asks residents and businesses how they would choose to tackle the big issues that will affect Rutland’s future. People’s responses will then be reviewed alongside detailed evidence and analysis of the same key issues to create a draft Local Plan, which will be subject to further public consultation.

The Issues & Options consultation runs for 11 weeks from Thursday 30 June to Friday 16 September 2022. 

This is the first of three consultations that will take place as part of the process to develop Rutland’s new Local Plan before it goes to the government’s planning inspectorate for independent examination in 2024.

You can view all the information and give your feedback online. 

About the Local Plan

Issues and Options consultation

Information is also being made available at public libraries and can be provided in print and accessible formats on request by emailing localplan@rutland.gov.uk or calling 01572 722 577. Rutland County Council is also planning pop-up events around the County to tell people about the consultation and how they can take part.

Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Leader of Rutland County Council, said: 

“This is the first stage of public consultation for preparing new Rutland Local Plan. It asks for views on a range of planning issues and possible options for the future development of our County. The Local Plan will set out the strategy for the amount, location and design of new development. At the same time, the Plan is an opportunity for us to progress our ambitions around climate change, meeting affordable housing needs, supporting jobs and promoting biodiversity.

“The Issues and Options document gives an overview of the 12 key issues which need to be addressed in the new Local Plan. The consultation also sets out questions around the possible options for addressing each issue. The Issues and Options consultation does not identify new sites for housing, employment and other developments. This will be included in the next consultation stage in summer 2023, called Regulation 18.”

The 12 key topics that will be explored through the Issues and Options consultation are:

  1. Tackling the climate crisis
  2. Determining the appropriate level and location of growth
  3. Meeting identified current and future housing needs
  4. Enabling a prosperous and resilient economy, linked to levels of housing growth
  5. Supporting vibrant town centres and a network of local centres to serve local retail and service needs
  6. Enabling safer and stronger communities, supported with viable and accessible mmunity and cultural facilities
  7. Promoting sustainable and active modes of travel
  8. Ensuring new development is well designed to encourage active and healthy lifestyles and address health inequalities
  9. Conserving and enhancing Rutland's historic assets
  10. Protecting and enhancing the county's biodiversity, wildlife habitats, green and blue infrastructure, and open spaces
  11. Addressing minerals and waste requirements alongside environmental considerations
  12. Ensuring development is supported by essential infrastructure and services

If you have any questions about the Issues and Options consultation, you can find out more by visiting our New Local Plan page or emailing: localplan@rutland.gov.uk.

Anyone without internet access can call Rutland County Council on: 01572 722 577 and ask to speak to member of the Council’s Planning Policy Team.

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