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Secondary school starters receive school offers

Date Published: 03 March 2020
National Offer Day for Secondary School Admissions

Ahead of this year’s National Offer Day for secondary school admissions, we processed 347 applications from residents, with 332 receiving the offer of a place from one of their preferred secondary schools. 

This means 96 per cent of primary school children have been offered places at either their first, second or third preference college. This is an increase on last year’s figure of 95 per cent and remains higher than the national average.

The remaining four per cent will go forward to a second offer round which takes place from 30 March.

In total, 92 per cent of Rutland children received an offer at their first preference college this year – significantly higher than the national average of 81 per cent for 2019.

“We are pleased that 96 per cent of Rutland children have been offered places at one of their three preferred secondary schools for September 2020. We’ve also seen a drop in the number of children who have not received an offer, compared to last year. For the small number of children who haven’t had a preference met in this year’s first round, our admissions team will stay in close contact with parents to support them through the second offer round.”
Councillor David Wilby, Cabinet Member for Education

Parents must respond to their child's offer of a school place  by 16 March 2020. You can respond  by going to our Secondary School Admissions page and clicking on the ‘View/Respond to Offer’ link.

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