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Rutland communities join forces on the roads to tackle speeding

Date Published: 14 June 2021

Rutland County Council, in partnership with the Leicestershire Police Force and local police officers and communities, has relaunched the county’s Community SpeedWatch scheme this month. 

The scheme allows residents to take action against speeding on the roads of concern within their area, and acts as a deterrent against dangerous driving. 

Barleythorpe is the first location chosen to take part in 2021, after plans for Community SpeedWatches in a number of parishes last year were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Barleythorpe’s group of volunteers were out and about last week monitoring traffic speeds in their area, and will continue with their SpeedWatch for the rest of this week. 

As part of the scheme, each participating parish is given training on how to operate a Community SpeedWatch on the roads in their areas and all the Barleythorpe volunteers have attended training with PC Laurie Appleton and Rutland County Council’s Community Safety Team. They were each shown how to operate the radar equipment that monitors the speed of passing traffic.  

“This is a great example of working in partnership: the Council, police and residents coming together for the common goal of ensuring adherence to our carefully-set speed limits.  Having a visible presence on the roadside sends a clear message to drivers: speeding won’t be tolerated.  We are fully committed to working with our communities and partners to reduce the risk of speeding and keep residents safe.” Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at Rutland County Council

Each day between Monday 7 June and Sunday 20 June, the Barleythorpe team is at locations agreed with the County Council and the police, monitoring traffic and recording details of any vehicles driven above the local speed limits.  These details are passed on to Leicestershire Police for vehicle checks to be carried out. Warning letters are then sent from the police to the registered keepers, advising them of their speed violation and reminding them of why it is a community concern, along with advice to help change their driving behaviour. 

Further action will be taken by the police against persistent offenders, such as visiting the vehicle keeper’s registered address if that vehicle is reported speeding more than once. 

Four other parishes will run further Community SpeedWatches in Rutland during July, August and September. These are parishes due to have taken part in schemes postponed during 2020. 

 “We are delighted to be working with Rutland County Council as part of the Community SpeedWatch scheme to empower the local communities to tackle the issue of speeding which is a police priority.  PC Appleton and PC Icke have worked with Rutland County Council to deliver the training to enable the local residents to identify speeding in their communities.  Community SpeedWatch harnesses the fantastic community spirit in Rutland, and we will continue to support the scheme throughout the year and encourage other parishes to take up the mantle.  I am determined to use all available resources alongside Community SpeedWatch, including using local officers, the Safer Roads Team and the Camera Safety Van, to tackle the menace of speeding.” Inspector Danvers of Leicestershire Police

“The parish council has had many complaints regarding traffic in general and speeding in particular in the parish. When we were offered SpeedWatch, we looked for volunteers to take part and the high level of response showed the local feeling for the problem. We are out three times a day at different locations during these two weeks. We thank all the volunteers for their time, and we are pleased to say they are enjoying the challenge of SpeedWatch. Supporting the residents is our council’s responsibility and it is good to be able to show that support.” Barleythorpe Parish Councillor Malcolm Phillips

For more information about road safety activity in Rutland, including safety training and enforcement, please visit: www.rutland.gov.uk/roadsafety

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