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Residents and businesses urged to have their say on how rubbish and recycling is managed in Rutland

Date Published: 17 June 2021

Rutland County Council is developing a new waste management strategy and inviting residents and businesses to give their views on the proposals.

The strategy is being developed in line with the Government’s new Environmental Bill, which sets a target for all local authorities to make changes to waste management services before 2035.

A key focus of Rutland’s new waste management strategy will be on waste prevention, which will help the Council achieve its plan of a clean, green and sustainable county. This includes increasing recycling rates per household and reducing the overall amount of waste generated per household. Cutting carbon emission from waste management and processing, as well as clamping down on littering and other waste crime will also be priorities.

Managing waste in Rutland currently costs the Council more than £1.8million a year. Costs are going up as the amount of waste increases and, at the same time, recycling rates are dropping. As well as making improvements to waste services, the Council hopes the new waste strategy will help to reduce the cost of waste services by 10%.

Potential changes to waste services include increasing the size of recycling bins, improved education around reusing items that may otherwise be thrown away, stronger enforcement on fly-tipping and a Government-mandated food waste scheme.

Consultation on the new strategy begins on Monday 7th June and runs for four weeks. Residents and businesses are encouraged to review the strategy, published on the Council’s website, and then complete an online survey to give their feedback.

“Our plan is for a clean, green and sustainable county. Decreasing the amount of waste produced in the first place and increasing our recycling rates will help us save money and continue to offer a good service that meets the needs of local people and businesses. We also know from our early review of feedback from the Future Rutland Conversation and recent Climate Summit that a great many residents see reducing waste as being a vital step in helping to protect the environment.” Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Waste and Environment at Rutland County Council

Rutland’s current recycling rate per household is 56%, 33rd out of 345 local authorities. A recent study of household waste in Rutland showed 12% of the contents of black bins could have been recycled if placed in the correct recycling retainers. This includes paper and cardboard (3.7%), plastics (3.3%) and glass (1.6%).

“In Rutland, we’re already performing well when it comes to recycling, but we can do better. It would be fantastic to see the County feature in the top 20 of the national league table. To achieve these goals, we’re all going to need to work together, so we urge local residents and businesses to head over to our website, check out the proposed strategy and tell us what they think. This is your chance to help us shape a better waste management system in Rutland.” Cllr Stephenson added

Don't waste your chance to get involved

If you would like to take part but don’t have access to the internet, please call Rutland County Council on: 01572 722 577.

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