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Register for Green Waste Collection

Date Published: 23 January 2018
Green bins

Registration is now open for Rutland’s new green waste collection service, with residents asked to sign up before 2nd March 2018 if they want to continue using their green bins from 1st April 2018.

Letters inviting residents to register for the chargeable service have been sent to all eligible households in Rutland.

Registration can be carried out by phone, in person at the Council’s offices or online through our website.

An annual charge of £35 per green bin for green waste collection was agreed by Councillors in September 2017 as a response to increasing financial pressures, including the rising cost of managing Rutland’s waste and recycling.

Nationally, more than 70% of UK councils are expected to charge for green waste collection by the end of 2019.

“We know green waste collection is a valued service for many people. However, the cost of collecting and disposing of Rutland’s waste has now increased to more than £2million a year. With rising costs and the loss of a further £1.5million of government funding this year we cannot carry on subsidising green waste collections to make them free of charge. The new Green Waste Collection Service is optional to join and costs around 67p a week if you have a single green bin. Registration for the service has only been open for two days and around 10% of households in the county have already subscribed.”
Councillor Gordon Brown,  Cabinet Member for Environmental Services 

Residents must sign up for the new collection service before 2nd March 2018 to ensure their green bin is emptied from 1st April 2018.  A 25% discount is available for anyone on local Council Tax support. 

No charges apply to general household waste or recycling and there is no change to how regularly bins are collected as a result of the change.

Anyone wanting to dispose of green waste without registering for the new collection service can do so at either of Rutland’s Civic Amenity Sites or by taking advantage of discounted Home Composting equipment.

For more information about the Green Waste Collection Service or to register, visit our Green Waste Service page.

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Was this information helpful?