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New Rutland bus timetable to be introduced from September

Date Published: 06 September 2022
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Rutland County Council is introducing a new timetable for several local bus services from September 2022.

The Council monitors its local bus routes to identify where services can be updated or enhanced, either in response to changing passenger demand or opportunities to improve punctuality and connections with other services. The Council tries to make any timetable changes at certain points throughout the year, to cause least disruption for passengers – particularly for school students who travel by bus during term time.

The Council has also needed to act quickly to find new ways of running two local bus services. This comes after the previous operator Centrebus recently confirmed it was handing back its contract for the Rutland Flyer 1 (RF1) and Service 9 journeys and would stop running buses along these routes at the end of August.

From Tuesday 30 August, the RF1 Service that runs from Melton to Corby via Oakham and Uppingham will be operated by Bland’s Rutland Ltd and be renamed the R1 Service. There will be seven journeys from Melton to Oakham and eight from Oakham to Corby. Currently there are 10 journeys from Melton to Oakham and 12 from Oakham to Corby.

From Monday 5 September, the Service 9 bus that runs from Oakham to Stamford will be replaced by a Council-run minibus service. It will be renamed the R9 Service and will continue to stop at Whitwell, Empingham and Great Casterton en route to Stamford. There will be six journeys in each direction. Currently there are eight journeys from Oakham to Stamford and seven from Stamford to Oakham.

Further changes to services that will keep their current operator are as follows:

  • From Tuesday 30 August, Service 12 from Uppingham to Stamford will be renamed the R5 Service. There will be some minor timetable changes so the service can be used by students travelling to and from school or college.
  • From Tuesday 30 August, The Oakham Hopper service will be expanded and its timetable updated to include new journeys to and from the village of Braunston.
  • From Tuesday 30 August, the Rutland Flyer 2 (RF2) will be renamed the R2 Service and have its timetable updated to provide additional journeys back through Cottesmore, Greetham and Market Overton. 
  • From Tuesday 30 August, the Service 47 bus will be renamed the R4 Service and will no longer stop at Belton or Barrowden. This comes after a review of passenger data showed that no one from these villages had used the service since September 2019. This will be kept under review in case demand changes.

“We’re disappointed that we’ve been unable to maintain the current level of service for passengers who use the RF1 and Service 9 buses. Unfortunately, we had to choose between a reduced timetable for these services or discontinue them altogether. Increased fuel prices and driver shortages mean it’s now more challenging than ever to operate a rural bus service. We’ve also missed out on around £3million of government grant funding to implement a new Bus Service Improvement Plan, which would have boosted public transport in Rutland. Despite this, we are determined to make improvements where we can and will be carrying out a full review of all local bus services in the autumn, with a view to updating our entire network in 2023.”Councillor Rosemary Powell, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at Rutland County Council

Full details of timetable changes for these various local bus services are available at www.rutland.gov.uk/buses and at bus stops throughout the county. For more information, please email: transport@rutland.gov.uk or call: 01572 722 577.

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