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Manton Top water leak

Date Published: 30 October 2019

Severn Trent are continuing to undertake works to repair a water leak on the A6003 at Manton Top. 

Since the summer, engineers from Severn Trent have been working to identify the source of the leak.

“We understand the frustration around the leak on Oakham Road, Manton.  This is a very complicated job and we’ve had teams out repeatedly over the last few months trying to work out exactly what and where the issue is.  They have repaired pipes, installed boundary boxes and new valves to try and resolve the problems.  This is proving to be a really tricky situation, but we are absolutely determined to get it resolved as quickly as possible. Our teams were on site again yesterday (Tuesday) and will be again today.  We’re hoping that with all of the work already done and the plans we now have in place, we can get to the bottom of the issue and get everything back to normal quickly."
A Severn Trent Water spokesperson

“We understand the frustration of residents who have raised this issued with us. We have been closely monitoring progress being made to stop the water leak and ensuring Severn Trent understand the necessity to resolve this as soon as possible. We have assurances from Severn Trent that they are doing all that can be done to identify the cause of the leak and resolve it.  As winter fast approaches we are keen to ensure this is resolved as soon as possible and we have put measures in place to minimise disruption and ensure the safety of road users. We are in daily contact with Severn Trent and will update residents as soon as we know the issue has been resolved.”
Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Highways

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Was this information helpful?