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Live video link for Full Council meeting

Date Published: 10 February 2020
Rutland County Council

Rutland County Council’s Full Council will reconvene on Monday 10 February to discuss the Pre-Submission version of Rutland's next Local Plan.

This is the continuation of the Special Full Council meeting which began on Monday 27 January.

If approved by Full Council, the Pre-Submission Local Plan (Regulation 19 Publication Version) will be published for six weeks to invite further comments and feedback.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 7.00pm and will be broadcast online via a live video link. Streaming of the meeting will begin shortly before 7.00pm.

You will need to provide a name and email address in order to watch the meeting online. This information will not be recorded.

Watch our Full Council meeting

Please note: This video feed will not update automatically. You may need to refresh your browser if you try to watch before the streaming starts or there is a loss of connection during the meeting.

The agenda and reports for this Special Full Council meeting can be viewed on our Meetings page.

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Was this information helpful?