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Green Waste Stickers Arriving Soon

Date Published: 15 March 2018
Green bins

Rutland residents who have signed up to the County’s new Green Waste Collection Service will shortly receive stickers for their green bins.

Stickers for Green Bins

Stickers will start to arrive with green waste subscribers from Monday 19th March and should be attached to green bins to show that they are part of the new collection scheme. 

Subscribers will be asked write their house number and street name on stickers before placing them on the back of each green bin, just below the bin handle. 

So far, half of all properties in Rutland have registered for the Green Waste Collection Service.

“Residents who have chosen to join the Green Waste Collection Service will start to receive stickers for their green bins from next week, along with instructions about where to attach them. The Council took the difficult decision to begin charging for green waste collection due to the significant financial pressure we are facing. Rutland has lost £1.2million government funding this year, while the annual cost of collecting and disposing of Rutland’s waste has risen to more than £2.3million. The £35 charge is lower than the majority of other councils who have introduced green waste charging but means that we can cover the growing cost of collecting Rutland’s green waste without reducing the amount of money available for other services, like care for adults and children.” 
Councillor Gordon Brown, Portfolio Holder for the Environment 

It's still not too late to sign up for the green waste service if you have not yet registered but wish to carry on using your green bin after 1st April 2018. 

Registration can be done online via our dedicated Green Waste Service page or by calling: 01572 758 488. 

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Was this information helpful?