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Get involved in the next stage of the Future Rutland Conversation

Date Published: 02 July 2021

The Future Rutland Conversation is moving on to a new stage this week, with local people once again being encouraged to get involved. 

A series of reports has been published and is now available to view online, summarising all the comments, feedback and survey responses that were gathered as part of an intensive county-wide discussion that took place over two months, from April to June. The aim of the Future Rutland Conversation is to develop a new shared Vision for Rutland – one that is based firmly on what matters to local people.

As part of the next stage of Future Rutland, Rutland County Council is asking people to review the summary reports and supporting information that have been published online, and comment on whether these summaries are a fair and accurate reflection of what’s important to local people. This is also a chance for people to say if they think anything has been missed or needs adding. You can do this regardless of whether you took part in the initial Future Rutland Conversation between April and June. 

All of the additional feedback gathered as part of this next stage will be reviewed and then used to start developing the new shared vision for Rutland. The draft Vision itself will be shared later in the summer, to encourage even more discussion and feedback. 

“If the first part of Future Rutland was about listening to people and understanding what’s important to them and for this county – both now and in the years to come – this next stage is about ensuring we’ve heard correctly. For all the feedback and ideas to be turned into a Vision that’s truly representative of what matters to local people, we need to check and make sure there’s nothing we’ve missed or that should be added.“We’re now inviting everyone across the county to read what’s been published and tell us if you think it’s a fair representation of what matters to you, your family and our local communities. You can do this even if you didn’t take part in the initial eight-week Conversation.”Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council

The Future Rutland Conversation began on 1 April and ran until 1 June, with more than 2,000 adults, children and young people taking part by sharing their views and comments. Together, they provided more than 4,500 responses across a range of themed surveys, and 1,000 contributions across nine online forums. Some 250 people also took part in live discussion events via Zoom. In addition, contributions to the Conversation also came from Rutland County Councillors, Parish Councils, and local partner agencies.

All the data, comments and feedback from this initial eight-week Conversation and submissions from stakeholders have been reviewed by an independent agency, Rutland Community Ventures CIC, to provide impartial analysis. This information has now been published by Rutland County Council as a series of summary reports for different Conversation themes and issues – from climate change and the environment to transport, leisure, healthcare and life in Rutland.

The additional feedback on these summary reports will be gathered up until 25 July, before being used to refine and shape the draft Vision for Rutland.

To see the summaries from stage one of Future Rutland, and find out how to provide further comments or responses, visit: www.rutland.gov.uk/futurerutland or call 01572 722 577 if you don’t have access to the internet.

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