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Get help or support if you're affected by lockdown

Date Published: 06 November 2020
COVID help and support

Rutland County Council is encouraging people to seek support if they find themselves struggling because of the national COVID-19 lockdown.

The four-week lockdown began on Thursday 5 November, requiring people to stay at home for all but essential reasons and not to gather with people they don’t live with. Certain businesses are also required to close.

Further guidance and a full list of national restrictions can be found on the national GOV.UK website

Responding to the lockdown, Rutland County Council is reminding residents that support is available for anyone who is impacted by COVID-19 – especially if they are clinically extremely vulnerable to the virus.

Anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 because of their age or a pre-existing health condition is advised to stay at home as much as possible (including working from home), but are still encouraged to go outside for exercise. They are also be advised to limit their contact with other people and avoid visiting shops and pharmacies if at all possible.

The government is writing to everyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable to set out detailed advice while the new restrictions are in place. Information about getting support if you’re clinically extremely vulnerable to coronavirus can also be found online. 

Get support if you’re extremely vulnerable

People who are clinically extremely vulnerable can use this service to:

  • Get access to priority supermarket deliveries
  • Ask for someone to contact you about any local support that’s available
  • Update your details - for example, your address 

You can register yourself, or on behalf of someone else who is vulnerable.

Rutland County Council is ready to provide emergency assistance for any vulnerable residents who need it. 

Anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable and needs urgent assistance can contact the council’s COVID-19 Crisis Helpline by calling: 01572 729 603.

“We know that many people struggled during the first lockdown, which disrupted families and support networks, and hit businesses and employees hard. We are here to help if anyone needs support because of the impacts of COVID-19. There are lots of people who are particularly vulnerable to the virus and we’re standing by to provide them with the assistance they need.”
Councillor Alan Walters, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health

Help and support is also available for individuals and families who are not clinically extremely vulnerable. This includes:

  • Financial assistance, including help with paying Council Tax, and other benefits
  • Support through the Rutland Foodbank
  • Housing and homelessness support, including help for rough sleepers
  • Safeguarding and domestic abuse
  • Mental health support
  • Advice and funding for businesses


“The important thing is not to struggle through this alone. If you need help, or know someone else who does, please get in contact with us.”
Councillor Alan Walters 

More information about help and support can be found on our COVID-19 Information Hub.

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