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Get both COVID jabs to maximise protection against the virus

Date Published: 07 May 2021
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Rutland’s Director of Public Health is urging people not to skip their second COVID-19 vaccination. 

"If you have had the first part of your vaccination, it’s vital that you take up the offer of the second part, advises Mike Sandys: “Vaccinations offer the best protection against coronavirus and are hugely important in helping us to lead a more normal life as restrictions begin to ease. The vaccines have been through extensive testing and are safe, but one dose won’t give you full protection. The second dose gives everyone the strongest possible protection against COVID-19. People only have maximum protection if they have both parts of the vaccination, and that protection lasts for much longer. Recent evidence shows that some people think they’re vaccinated after a single dose. This isn’t true. The second jab is vital because the most effective protection comes from having both doses. It’s important not to put off or skip your appointment for the second jab if you have already had your first.”  Mike Sandys Director of Public Health at Rutland County Council

Anyone who had a first COVID vaccination in late January or February will now be due for the second part of their vaccination. People who received their first dose in a hospital hub or through a GP service will be contacted about how to receive their second dose. They do not need to contact the NHS.  

Anyone who booked their appointment through the national booking service (online at: www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccination or by ringing 119) will have booked both their first and second appointments at the same time. People who called 119 will have been given details of their second appointment over the phone.  

Almost 28,000 people in Rutland had received their first COVID vaccine by 7 May, and this week also saw a milestone reached of over 10,000 second vaccinations.  

“One dose of the COVID vaccine offers important protection, in the short term, but without having the second dose you won’t be as protected against coronavirus as you otherwise would be. So, please attend the next appointment you have booked or that has been allocated to you by the NHS. I would urge everyone to show-up for both of their appointments for their own protection as well as to ensure we don’t waste vaccines or the time of NHS staff. The COVID-19 vaccine is our best defence against the virus used alongside effective social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hands. No vaccine is 100% effective, so it’s very important to continue to follow any government or workplace advice even after you have completed the vaccination course.” Mike Sandys

Regular testing is also key to help prevent the spread of the virus as lockdown restrictions are eased and the risk of transmission increases. Free, rapid testing is available to anyone living or working in Rutland. There is no need to book to be tested at the Oakham Enterprise Park (OEP), near Ashwell. You can also collect free ‘take-away’ self-test kits that can be used quickly and easily at home, from the OEP Asymptomatic Testing Site and other local Community Collect sites in local libraries. 

More information about asymptomatic testing and self-test kits can be found at: www.rutland.gov.uk/lfdtesting. For the very latest Government guidance, visit: www.gov.uk/coronavirus.    

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