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Get advice and support through new Rutland weight management service

Date Published: 16 February 2022

A new service is available for people in Rutland who want to lose weight and improve their wellbeing. 

Rutland Weight Management service is delivered by Rutland County Council and Leicestershire County Council. It offers a free 12-week telephone support programme to residents who may be concerned about their weight and how it affects their health. The programme provides a long-term plan with sustainable goals, to meet the needs and pace of service users, who are paired up with a dedicated nutritionist or dietician to help them lose weight.

Residents wishing to access Rutland Weight Management Service, which is provided through Leicestershire County Council can email: weightmanagement@leics.gov.uk or call 0333 207 2201. Further information can also be found online by visiting: www.leicestershirewms.co.uk

Rutland Weight Management Service also offers free specialised advice for families, pregnant women, men, and people with learning disabilities.

Losing weight through restrictive diets and without any support can become overwhelming, resulting in many people ending their weight loss journey after only a few weeks. The Rutland Weight Management service seeks to empower residents with the right information to make healthier choices and set realistic goals, rather than imposing restrictive diets that are hard to follow.

“It’s great that Rutland County Council is providing this new Weight Management Service, which can have a really positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing. Weight loss journeys can be really challenging and frustrating without adequate support. Trying to balance life, work commitments and other responsibilities while sticking to a restrictive diet or unmeasured physical activities often leads to people giving up and can even have a negative impact on their mental health. The Weight Management Service is intended to give people the information, support and encouragement they need to make small but impactful changes that can lead to lasting improvements to their health and wellbeing.Mike Sandys, Director of Public Health at Rutland County Council

Rutland Weight Management service is part of the “Better Health” campaign, launched by the UK government to tackle obesity. The campaign provides £30 million of new funding to councils across England to roll out expanded management services for adults living with obesity. According to the Government’s Obesity Strategy, achieving a healthy weight can decrease risk of common cancers, lower risk of increased blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease and developing diabetes and reduce risk of being hospitalized or becoming seriously ill with COVID-19.

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