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Future Rutland Conversation moves to next stage

Date Published: 09 June 2021
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Following the conclusion of stage one of the Future Rutland Conversation, work is now taking place to review comments and feedback from all across the county.

Having been launched at the beginning of April, the first part of Future Rutland drew to a close on Tuesday 1 June.Over a period of two months, people of all ages and backgrounds were asked to share their thoughts and feelings about a range of important issues. By gathering all this feedback, the aim is to develop a new shared vision for Rutland – one that is based on things that really matter to local people and helps organisations, like Rutland County Council, plan for the future.

In total, more than 4,500 responses were received across multiple surveys including: ‘Your life in Rutland’, ‘Environment and climate change’, ‘Health and wellbeing’, ‘Getting around’ and ‘Learning and skills’. There were also dedicated surveys for children and young people, visitors and business owners. Alongside these surveys, more than 1,000 contributions were made across nine themed forums and some 250 people took part in live discussion events. Past engagement work and submissions from Parish Councils will also be fed into the conversation.

All of the feedback gathered as part of Future Rutland is being reviewed and analysed and will be published at the end of June, together with a summary report, to invite further feedback. The findings will then be used to develop a draft vision for Rutland, which will be published in the summer to invite even more discussion and feedback. By autumn, it is hoped this can lead to the creation and adoption of a final shared vision for Rutland.

“All of the activities that have taken place over the past eight weeks have given people a chance to tell us what they love about Rutland, what matters to them and what they want the county to be like in the future. We’ve also asked for views on important issues like the environment, transport and health because they’re vital to people’s lives and livelihoods. I’m extremely grateful to everyone who took the time to join the Conversation and gave their views. Looking ahead to the next stage, lots more work is now needed to review and analyse all the feedback we’ve received. This is equally important and everyone will have the chance to help shape a new shared vision for Rutland, based on what they’ve told us. Ultimately, we hope the end product will be a shared vision and guide for the future that’s truly representative of the county as a whole.” Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council

As work progresses on the next stage of Future Rutland, there are still opportunities to contribute through the ‘Keeping the conversation going’ survey, or posting comments and suggestions on online forums, by visiting: www.rutland.gov.uk/futurerutland

Further updates and details of other consultations taking place in the coming weeks and months will also be published there. Anyone without internet access can contact the Council by calling: 01572 722 577

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