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Council reminds visitors to keep safe while enjoying the heatwave in Rutland

Date Published: 12 August 2022
Heat warning

With the heatwave upon us, Rutland County Council is reminding residents and visitors about potential open water and outdoor fire dangers and asking people to park responsibly at busy sites. 

With the sun out, open waters such as Rutland Water and Aquapark become an extremely popular place to gather, particularly with young people. Whilst we encourage residents and visitors to come along and enjoy all of what the area has to offer, we are reminding everyone to keep safe.

Whilst at Rutland Water we would ask that visitors only swim in designated life guarded areas, listen to safety instructions and keep a close eye on youngsters with you. Under no circumstances should anyone be on site, in or near the water, out of opening hours. Not only would this be considered trespassing, but it is also extremely dangerous.

It’s important to know that open water sites change constantly, and there is a risk of cold-water shock. Before you go into any open water, make sure you check flags, signs and notices for safety messages and never drink during or just before swimming. 

Information about water safety

Also, with an increase of people venturing outside to enjoy the weather, comes the increased risk of fires. In the UK, 79,000 fires are started on grass and heathland every year. This is an average of 216 every day, which just goes to show that fire safety doesn’t stop at home.

Rutland County Council is reminding residents and visitors to use the public BBQ designated areas which are clearly signposted at Rutland Water. Please ensure all BBQs are raised off the ground or if using a disposable BBQ please use the metal stands provided. Open fires are not permitted anywhere at Rutland Water. 

Information about outdoor fire safety

Visitors are also being reminded to ensure they park responsibly in and around Rutland Water, especially during the busy periods. Due to the attractiveness of the Rutland Water area, it is visited by a diverse range of people from Rutland and further afield. This brings in customers to the local economy but also has an effect on highways.

Whilst the Council encourages everyone to visit the amazing countryside and amenities that Rutland has to offer, unfortunately some of those who park on the public highway because it is free to do so, have a detrimental effect on road safety, access, the environment and residential amenity. 

With this is mind, the Council is working with Anglian Water, Leicestershire Police and other partners to respond to the challenge with preparedness, education and enforcement. 

A coordinated approach with partners is being undertaken to ensure patrols on parking and enforcement action is in place, therefore visitors should use the available designated car parks in the area. 

Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Leader of Rutland County Council, said: 

“We are very fortunate to have such beautiful green spaces and incredible amenities such as Rutland Water that can be enjoyed by all, especially during the hotter months. However, we want these spaces to be enjoyed safely and responsibly and ask that all visitors ensure they adhere to the safety measures in place.

“We are working closely with Leicestershire Police, Anglian Water and Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service to promote water and fire safety messages and will have an increased staff presence at Rutland Water as well as regular parking patrols in the area.”

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