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Council plans county-wide conversation with residents to shape the future of local services

Date Published: 21 January 2021
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Rutland County Council is to develop plans for an extensive county-wide conversation that will help the authority to meet the needs of residents and businesses in years to come.

The new project, called the ‘Future Rutland Conversation’, aims to involve local people in a process that will develop a new vision and aspirations for the county – one that will help Rutland County Council to co-create new strategies and policies to achieve these goals.

The Future Rutland Conversation follows a commitment made in Rutland County Council’s latest Corporate Plan (2019-2024) to develop a 50-year vision that will identify key priorities, emerging issues and give the county a long-term plan of action.

Work on the 50-year vision was due to begin in 2020 but paused due to COVID-19. Recognising that COVID-19 has since led to dramatic changes in the way we live and work, and that the impact of these changes will be felt throughout our society for many years to come, the Future Rutland Conversation aims to understand what matters most to residents and businesses in the county – both now and in a post-COVID world.

The Future Rutland Conversation was approved by Full Council at a meeting on Monday 11 February. 

“There are some big challenges facing Rutland, as we look to the future. As well as supporting the creation of jobs and homes, educating our children and caring for vulnerable people, we face a climate crisis, an ongoing pandemic and further cuts to our government funding. The effect of the pandemic on Rutland, in particular, has been significant. The Council is committed to facing all these challenges head-on, to make sure the needs of families and businesses are met. To do this, it’s important that we reach out to our communities and have an open discussion about what they want and need. The Future Rutland Conversation is the start of this important dialogue.” 
Council Leader Oliver Hemsley

Having approved initial proposals for the Future Rutland Conversation, Rutland County Councillors will take part in a special session to give further input and help design the approach the project will take to engage residents and businesses in their Wards.

A more detailed plan of activity will be developed using this feedback and resubmitted to Full Council in March 2021. If this detailed plan is met with approval, activity to involve local people in the Future Rutland Conversation would being immediately. The project will also seek to closely involve Parish Councils and local partner organisations.

“Once we have a detailed plan of action that has been back to Full Council for approval, it’s proposed that people at different life stages and businesses and organisations of all types will be invited to take part. We are particularly keen to reach those residents who don’t normally engage in council initiatives or consultations, and excited to see how the conversation develops.”
Council Leader Oliver Hemsley

Anyone who would like to register an early interest in this project can send an email to: rutlandconversation@rutland.gov.uk

A video recording of Rutland County Council’s Full Council meeting on Monday 11 January 2021 can be watched on our YouTube channel

The full agenda and reports for the meeting can be read on our Meetings page.

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