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Council meeting adjourned to allow further discussion around Pre-Submission Local Plan

Date Published: 28 January 2020
Catmose offices

A Special Full Council Meeting to consider Rutland’s Pre-Submission Local Plan has been adjourned and will be reconvened on Monday 10 February, allowing Councillors more time for discussion.

All Local Planning Authorities must have a Local Plan that sets out planning policies for their area.

Rutland’s updated Local Plan also sets out where any additional housing, employment or other development may be needed in future years and covers the period from 2018 to 2036.

Approval by Full Council is required before Rutland’s Pre-Submission Local Plan can be published for further statutory consultation. 

The plan was discussed at a special meeting of the Growth, Infrastructure and Resources Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 16 January, where members of the Committee were asked to note the progress being made to prepare Rutland’s next Local Plan and provide any final comments in advance of a decision by Full Council on Monday 27 January.

Full Council meetings must be completed within three hours and cannot proceed beyond a specified finishing time of 10.00pm. 

Councillors at the Special Full Council meeting on Monday 27 January voted to adjourn the meeting at 9.55pm, when it became clear that business would not be concluded within the allotted time. This has the effect of extending the meeting – giving more time to consider possible amendments and continue their debate.

“Councillors at last night’s meeting spent considerable time hearing from our residents and discussed matters relating to the Pre-Submission Local Plan. With debate taking place right up to the very end of the meeting and possible amendments being put forward, Members voted to adjourn so that discussions could continue on another day. The Special Full Council meeting is to be reconvened on Monday 10 February, allowing Members more time to consider the documents and continue their discussions on what is a very important issue for Rutland – the need to have an up-to-date Local Plan which can guide development in our County.”
Councillor Gordon Brown, Cabinet Member for Planning

The agenda and reports for Full Council on Monday 27 January 2020 can be viewed on our Meetings page.

The meeting is to be reconvened in the main Council Chamber at Rutland County Council’s Catmose offices at 7.00pm on Monday 10 February 2020.

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Was this information helpful?