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Clarification of Council event procedures

Date Published: 24 June 2021
Rutland County Council

Rutland County Council would like to clarify its event process as a recent post by Oakham Town Council may have created some confusion among event organisers.   

The Council’s event process has not been changed as a result of the event at Rutland Showground.  Since the advent of the pandemic event organisers have been required to provide the Council with event management plans that demonstrate, alongside other aspects of event management, how an event can operate and meet Government COVID guidelines.  This is to protect public safety during the pandemic.  

Plans are reviewed and agreed by a multi-agency group including Public Health to ensure they are ‘COVID secure’.   Details of what we have been require event organisers to supply can be found on our website: www.rutland.gov.uk/my-community/organising-public-events/

We have been notified that Oakham Town Council has decided to cancel all planned events up to 18 July due to Government’s extension of COVID restrictions.  They are planning to hold a programme of events from 25 July onwards and have been advised of the need to submit their event management plans for review.

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Was this information helpful?
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