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Christmas countdown to help cut waste

Date Published: 16 December 2019

Rutland County Council is getting ready to launch its Christmas waste campaign to encourage recycling over the busy festive period.

The campaign, which kicks off on Christmas Eve, aims to help local residents reduce, reuse and recycle rubbish.

Christmas is when Rutland generates the most waste. Throughout the year, people living in Rutland produce around 850 tonnes of waste a month. However, this rises to nearly a thousand tonnes a month in December and January when parties and presents create lots of extra rubbish and recycling.

As part of the campaign, the Council has launched a Festive Waste Guide on its website, where you can find a variety of useful tips, including how to reuse leftovers, what to do with wrapping paper and where to dispose of Christmas trees.

Over the Christmas period, the Council is providing residents with special blue bags to cater for excess recyclable waste. Households can also order a free supplementary recycling bin from the Rutland County Council website, which includes details of changes to bin collection services over Christmas.

“Christmas is our busiest time of year when it comes to waste and recycling. Once again, we’ll be working hard to help families reduce excess, recycle more and get into good habits, such as rinsing bottles and pots and putting items loose into the grey bin, rather than tying in a bag. Reducing, reusing and recycling waste isn’t just good for the environment, it can help families save money over Christmas, which is often an expensive time of year. I’d encourage everyone to get involved in our 12 Days of Festive Waste campaign and help us to have a green Christmas here in Rutland.”
Councillor Gordon Brown, Portfolio Holder for the Environment

For and advice and tips, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where we'll be sharing regular updates during the 12-day campaign. 

Did you know?

  • All recycling needs to be clean, dry and placed loose when it's placed into your grey bin. Please don’t tie it up in bags as this makes it harder to sort and process once collected.
  • Recycle all over the house, not just in the kitchen. Studies show many families only recycle food packaging and kitchen items. Places such as living rooms, toilets and bedrooms are full of excellent recycling, much of which ends up in black household waste bins. Use our handy Recycling A-Z guide to see exactly what you can recycle.
  • You shouldn’t put textiles like cloths, towels or bedding in your grey bin. Don’t just put them in your black bin, though. You can dispose of textiles at our Recycling Centres in Morcott and Cottesmore, at charity shops, or in charity bag collections that are posted through letter boxes
  • We can’t recycle disposable nappies but are finding more and more of these in grey bins. Please make sure disposable nappies are thrown away in your black bin. Alternatively, try switching to reusable nappies – they’re kinder to the environment and will save you money!
  • Nothing that’s thrown away in Rutland goes straight to landfill. Recycling in grey bins is taken away to be separated and processed. Waste from black bins is used for energy recovery to heat shops and homes. 

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Was this information helpful?
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