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Change to political alignment

Date Published: 05 May 2022
Rutland County Council

Legislation relating to the Leader and Cabinet style of local government does not require the Leader to be a member of the majority or main political group on the Council, provided they have the backing of a majority on the Council. This is set out in Article 2(4) of Rutland County Council’s Constitution:

Article 2(4) - Leader of the Council

  • The term of office for the Leader of the Council will be four years. They will take office immediately on being appointed by the Council and will continue in office for four years unless they resign from office or is removed from office by a simple majority of the total membership of the Council at any time
  • If the Council passes a resolution to remove the Leader from office, the Council will elect a new Leader at the meeting at which the Leader is removed or at a subsequent meeting

As a result, and in line with our Constitution, Cllr Oliver Hemsley remains Leader of Rutland County Council and will continue to Chair the Council’s Cabinet and hold the portfolio for Policy, Strategy, Partnerships, Economy and Infrastructure.

Legislation requires local authorities to allocate seats on council committees in proportion to the number of councillors belonging to political groups represented on the council. Allocation of committee seats will take place at Rutland’s Annual Council meeting on Monday 9 May 2022. 

Read Councillor Hemsley's full statement

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